Compatibility Toolkit - Three Quizzes

Compatibility Toolkit - Three Quizzes

Compatibility Toolkit

Are you looking for your soul mate? Are you in a relationship and wondering if your partner is "the one?" If you answered yes to either one of these questions, this toolkit can help you along in your journey. The three quizzes listed below will help you determine how important three values--companionship, materialism, and inner well-being--are in your life. After you get to "know thyself," you can have a partner take the quizzes to see how well you're matched. Or, if you're single, you can use the compatibility reports to go into your next date armed with self-knowledge, self-confidence, and a renewed sense of what you're looking for in a sweetheart. This tool will help you elevate your relationship from "mate" to "soul mate."


How Important is Companionship to you?

It might seem to anyone who is either in or looking for a relationship that companionship is something that everyone wants and needs. Not true--some people need lots of "alone time," even when they are deeply in love. How much togetherness works for you? Take this quiz to find out.

How Important is Materialism to you?

Having material things rank high on your list of priorities doesn't necessarily make you a shallow person. In fact, high standards in areas like fashion and home decor might in fact translate into idealism on matters of religious conviction and social justice as well. Take this quiz to find out how materialism fits into your life.

How Important is Inner Well-Being to you?

This is where you answer the good old-fashioned question, "Is the glass half-full or half-empty?" Whether you have a fundamentally optimistic or pessimistic personality relates directly to what kind of romantic partner you might be drawn to. Take this quiz to assess your emotional security.

About the Authors
Relationships experts Edward Hoffman and Marcella Bakur Weiner adapted these quizzes from their book, "The Love Compatibility Book: The Twelve Personality Traits that Can Lead You to Your Soulmate."