Mothers Day Splash Page

Mothers Day Splash Page

Martha Williamson: Wear a Red or White Rose for Mother's Day
"What do mothers want most?" asks Martha. Hint: It's not a present, but a special wish for their children's future.
Mama Taught Me to Pray
T.D. Jakes's tough-minded mother stormed heaven with her prayers.

Words for Weary Mothers
Repeat these words after me: "It is not my job to run the world." By Max Lucado

'She Believed in Me'
A mother's prayers helped a daughter live her dreams.

A Muslim on Mother's Day
The Prophet said, "Paradise is at the feet of a mother." By Hesham A. Hassaballa

'My Mom Could Grow Anything
Anything except the boundaries of her life...

For All the Mothers Who...
A passalong tribute to every mom.
Promises to My Baby
Mallika Chopra wrote 100 promises to her future baby--outlining the kind of mother she wanted to be.

Milk of Kindness
Breast-feeding helps babies learn to love not just their mothers, but God.

God's Cure for Colic
After sleepless nights and days, one mother's prayer is answered.

Labors of Love
Nothing can prepare you for the pain or the miracle of childbirth.

Surrendering to Motherhood
A feminist discovers a new sense of peace as a parent.

You Know You're a Mom When...
A funny list of "symptoms" that mean "Welcome to the club."
Readers: 'When Mother's Day Is Hard'
15 ways to get through a difficult day, from Beliefnet users.

Healing My Heart
When my baby was fatally ill, I got through the pain of Mother's Day comforting others.

Growing Strawberries Again
A daughter deals with her mother's depression.

'I Proudly Wear a Red Carnation'
Despite poverty and a violent marriage, a mother gave the most important things.

'Why I'm Sad Today'
Coping with loss and relationship problems on Mother's Day.

An Angel of Comfort
After her passing, did Mom send an angel to watch over her daughters?
Confessions of an Imperfect Mom
Motherhood is loaded with guilty moments. Fortunately, angels abound.

The Other Mother
A stepdaughter gives her new mom a hard time, but the stepmother's love never falters.

To Have and To Hold
A birth mother meets her son after 33 years.

Jaclyn's Baby
Four-year-old adoptee Jaclyn never gave up trying to adopt a child from her orphanage.

Was It Written in the Stars?
Discover why your mom made you feel safe and supported--or not--with this tour through the birth signs.
Gallery: Mom Mantras

What's the best advice you got from your mom? Beliefnet members share their mothers' words to live by...
Gallery: Spiritual Mother's Day Gifts
Show your mother how much you care with a gift that nourishes her soul.

Gifts for Astrology-Minded Moms
Thrill, soothe, and sate her with these Mother's Day gifts by sign.

E-Cards for Mother's Day
Send your love to your own mother or another mother you know via Beliefnet's unique eCards.

Quiz: Celebrating Mothers of Faith
Test your knowledge of moms in the world's religions.

What Makes Your Mom Great?
Share stories about your mother (or mother figure) and her impact on your life.

In Praise of Busy Moms
A Mother's Day prayer for moms caught in the "spin cycle."

Mother Knows Best?
Beliefnet members discuss the best advice they got from their moms.