Christmas Charity Chart

Christmas Charity Chart

Simple Gifts
In 2001, the Gallup poll revealed that the average American planned to spend about $794 on gifts for family and friends during the holiday season. Here's a look at some charitable contributions you can make for the same amount of money.

What Your $794 Can Do for the Greater Good
Item Organization Website

39,700 cups of food

Each click at the Hunger Site is worth $0.005, which buys 1/4 cup of food for hungry people around the world. $794 equals 158,800 clicks at the site.

2.5 needy children

Through World Vision's child-sponsorship program, $794 is enough to sponsor more than two children for a full year.

79.4 floor joists $794 in donations will buy items to help Habitat for Humanity build houses for the homeless.

26.5 bee hives
Buy animals--from bees to rabbits to goats--for hungry families to feed themselves and become self-reliant through the Heifer Project.

31.8 fishing kits For families in Somalia to support themselves by river fishing, through World Concern.

1 artificial limb Artificial limbs for land-mine victims can cost up to $1,000, through the Landmine Survivors Network.

26 dress-up costumes Donate these and other items to Discovery Arts, which helps children in hospitals enjoy drama, music, and art.

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