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As parents we have the sacred opportunity to nurture our children's spirituality. Here's how to make it a joyful journey. Watch an inspiring video on igniting kids' spiritual spark. Don't miss the top spiritual parenting tips Beliefnet writers use with their own kids. And learn how today's parents are teaching their faith.

Praying and celebrating religious milestones with children helps them grow in faith. View the colorful ways parents welcome their babies, and read our resource guide on faith-by-faith rituals from pregnancy through infancy. Plus, how to introduce your kids to prayer, find prayers geared to parents, and more.

How do we teach values and help our kids develop an inner moral compass? Discipline is an essential part of the process, but parents differ on which approach works best. What's your discipline style--permissive, moderate, or tough? Take our quiz, and then express your views on the hot-button issue of spanking. Plus, read how to instill values and strong character.

Whether you're an interfaith family figuring out what to teach your kids, or a couple trying to find a family-friendly house of worship, you'll benefit from our helpful tips. Watch inspirational guru Deepak Chopra's video on how children challenge us to be better people. Then read how a non-Jewish mom is planning her son's bar mitzvah--and another mother, whose child is disabled, is strengthened by faith.

Parents' words of wisdom can sustain us throughout our lives (see the gallery of "Elder Wisdom" sent in by our members). But the "sandwich generation" is increasingly squeezed between kids and aging parents. One writer finds caregiving doesn't come easy, while another welcomes her dad into her home until his death. Plus, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach offers tips for dealing with a difficult elderly parent.

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