MIPY 2007 Vote page

MIPY 2007 Vote page

Vote for the Most Inspiring Person of 2007

Beliefnet has chosen 10 nominees for the Most Inspiring Person of 2007 Award. We need your help in choosing the final winner. You may vote once each day for your favorite candidate. You can vote again in 24 hours. Voting will end on December 10th. On December 12th we will announce the winner of the People's Choice Award--the nominee who received the most votes--and the Most Inspiring Person of 2007 winner, who will be chosen by Beliefnet editors from the three finalists with the most votes. We will also make a donation to the nonprofit organization of his or her choice.

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Prof. Liviu Librescu
Professor who died while saving students from Virginia Tech gunman
Wesley Autrey
New Yorker who jumped onto the subway tracks to save a stranger
Angelina Jolie
Humanitarian actress who assists child victims of war
Maj. Scott Southworth
Soldier who adopted disabled Iraqi boy and helps orphans
Coach Luma Mufleh
Soccer coach who helps refugee kids from war-torn countries
Majora Carter
Environmental advocate working to "greenify" the South Bronx
Don Cheadle
Activist actor who brought Darfur's tragedy into the spotlight
Dr. Catherine Hamlin
Doctor who pioneered life-changing surgery for poor African women
Tony Dungy
Winning NFL coach who puts faith and family first
Barbara Morgan
Astronaut and teacher who brought space experience into the classroom


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