Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 5

Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 5

Kim Parsons: 'She Is My Hero'

Kim Parsons is a breast cancer survivor of 16 years. She is only 50 years old today. This dreaded disease struck her in the prime of life and caused tremendous upheaval and pain. She shared her experience this year to an audience of thousands during an American Cancer Society fund raising event in Charlotte, N.C. She assured the audience that it was only by the grace of God that she survived and encouraged them all to put their faith in Him. There were cancer patients of all ages present, and for them Kim provides a sense of hope that only someone that has walked in their shoes could provide. Her attitude towards life not only inspires cancer patients, but anyone she comes in contact with. Her love and passion for building a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ is first and foremost in her heart and it shows in all she does. Her infectious smile warms my heart. She is my hero.

K. E. Long
Charlotte, N.C.

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