Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 1

Most Inspiring Person - Member Nominees 2006 - 1

Pastor Roy L. Copeland: 'He Believed in Me'

I thank God for Pastor Roy L. Copeland on a daily basis. When I first met him, I was struggling with a crack addiction. He was the first person to ever tell me, "I wish you could see yourself as Christ does." He never condemned or criticized me. He simply pointed to Jesus. When others didn't believe in me, he did. When I competed in the International Whistlers Convention, he loaned me his car for the 9-hour trip, paid for my room, and gave me spending money. When I was a student at Faulkner Christian College, he paid for my books. When the grip of crack was so strong on me and affecting my children, he ministered to them in various ways. Most importantly he loved me until I was able to love myself. I remember thinking, "Jesus must have been like this." I am now a part of an intervention program, mentoring at-risk youth in my city, and founder of Joyfulnoiz Ministries. Just think, if others put the same tireless effort into helping people, how we could change the world.

LaVonne Martin
Tuskegee, Ala.

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