Joyful Moments 08

Joyful Moments 08

A Disabled Woman Gets Better Mobility

I had childhood polio and have been in wheelchairs and scooters almost all my life. I've really loved scooters--as they have let me live a fuller life than I could ever do in a wheelchair. If I'm in a wheelchair, I can't get close enough to a bed, toilet, or chair to be able to scoot over like I can with my scooter.

Years ago my insurance company paid for most of my last scooter. But last year they changed their policy, and now they will only help cover wheelchairs. I was devastated and did not know what I would do.

But two of my friends gave me money--not only to buy the most perfect scooter (the seat raises up and down 5 inches, and now I can actually see myself in the bathroom mirror and wash dishes in the kitchen sink!), but also to buy a tiny travel scooter. Now it's easy for them to take me out to a movie or out to eat. I can't believe I'm blessed with such caring, generous friends.

Melodi Rayl
Springfield, MO

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