Joyful Moments 06

Joyful Moments 06

A Teacher Makes a Difference

The most wonderful thing that happened to me this year was helping my students so they could believe in themselves and get their GED. Among the most inspiring was Penny, who was delayed for many years in realizing this dream of hers (to get her diploma). She is now in college, is very happy, and setting a wonderful example for her children and grandchildren.

She sent me a message that that said: "You will never know how much I appreciate your kindness, love, and patience. Remember, I told you that I would remember the person who helped me take that first step. And because of you, I now am able to do things I only dreamed of. You made me believe that I could do it and not to be afraid to try."

I am so happy when my students succeed, and I feel grateful and blessed that I was allowed to assist them in their journey.

Karin Miller
Miami, FL

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