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Inspiration information


Beliefnet is the leading religion, spirituality, and inspiration website. Beliefnet's Inspiration section features inspiring stories, inspirational quotes, comforting and inspirational Bible verses, and life-changing advice and tools to strengthen, motivate, comfort, and inspire you. Our Daily Inspiration newsletter offers a daily inspirational story and inspirational saying guaranteed to get your day off to the right start. We also feature:
  • Articles by inspiring authors, such as Wayne Dyer, Bernie Siegel, Desmond Tutu, Marlo Thomas, and Bob Perks
  • Interviews with inspiring people like Victoria Ruvolo, who forgave her teenage attacker; Judea Pearl, Daniel Pearl's father, who started a foundation for religious understanding; and many others.
  • Positive affirmations to help you feel good about yourself, move past pain, and live better lives.
  • Inspiring reader-written stories on finding faith, experiencing miracles, overcoming adversity, discovering important life lessons, and working to make dreams come true.
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Your Daily Inspirational Quote

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How Poems Inspire

Depressed and exhausted from overwork, award-winning journalist Judith Valente rediscovers her purpose with the help of a poem.


Mister Rogers: The Faith of a Good Neighbor

How the beloved TV host influenced millions of children to learn goodness and self-esteem-and still continues to guide us from his new "neighborhood."

'I Do Not Believe in Revenge'

Meet Beliefnet's Most Inspiring Person of the Year, Victoria Ruvolo, who was nearly killed by a teenage "prank" but showed mercy to her attacker.


How to Start Over

Bob Perks relates the two simple words that came to him when he was facing seemingly insurmountable challenges in his life. Can they help you too?

A Sign of the Heart

Before her heart transplant, Jan Jimenez was drawn to a special boy who appeared to her in a dream--the donor who would save her life.


Inspiration: The Secret of Living in Gratitude

Dr. Wayne D. Dyer, the best-selling inspirational author and speaker, shows how gratitude can help us tune in to the energy of the universe.

Help for Moving Past Pain

Use these affirmations by Dr. Charlene Proctor to help you overcome the past and focus on moving forward.


How Grandma Calmed the Storm

Armed with folk wisdom--and the power of prayer--my grandmother turned the path of a tornado.