Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Wings:

Angels, Guardian Angels, Angel Wings:


Beliefnet is the leading site covering religions and spirituality. Our Angels section offers a variety of resources that delve into heavenly angels, archangels, guardian angels, "earth angels," angel pets, and spirit guides. Along with our Daily Angel Newsletter, Beliefnet provides daily quotes about angels, stories by well-known angel author Joan Wester Anderson, a monthly column of frequently asked questions by angel expert William D. Webber, and interviews with angel authorities such as Sonia Choquette, Doreen Virtue, and more. We also offer inspiring stories of angel encounters, some of which are personal angel stories by our members. Beliefnet provides a forum for angel lovers to talk about angels on our discussion boards, get to know your guardian angels, vote in our angel polls, take quizzes on angels, and send free angel eCards. We encourage you to view our beautiful, interactive Angel of the Day feature or choose a topic below to explore the celestial world of angels. May your angel wings of inspiration take flight.


Are Angels Male or Female?

Are they pure white light, or beautiful women in long robes with graceful wings?

Angels, for Better or Worse

If angels watch over us, why do we still make mistakes?


Touched by the Hand of an Angel

Driving home one night, a mysterious sensation on the shoulder saves a woman's life.

Angel Poetry

Our readers show their creative side through original angel-inspired poetry.


Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

Psychic Sonia Choquette shares steps on getting in touch with your daily angelic helpers.


Angel of the Day

Find out which angel energy is activated today with this unique tool, then use that heavenly being's gifts for inspiration throughout the day.

All About Angels

Explore Beliefnet's complete Angels section for angel stories, angel discussions, daily angel quotes, and more.