kathy smith

kathy smith

"America Walks with Kathy Smith" is a 10-month journey toward health and wellness through the physical and spiritual exercise of walking. Each month until the official walk date (October 4, 2008), Kathy will guide our community of walkers through a different theme to set us on the right path.

August: Take a Vacation!

Too many of us seem to vacation the way we live: Days are overly organized and frantic, leaving no time for a battery recharge. Or, the entire trip is spent vegetating on the beach or by the pool, and the only muscle that moves is the index finger, motioning for the waiter to bring over another fruity drink. There is, however, a third alternative: active vacations. Have you ever had one?

Contest: Your Most Beautiful Walking Spot

For this month's contest, take a camera with you on your walks, and share photos of your favorite scenery with our group. The lucky winner will receive an elegant picture frame for you to save that prize-winning photo forever.

Join Kathy Smith's Spiritual Walking Group

Beliefnet and I are pleased to announce "America Walks with Kathy Smith," a 10-month journey that we hope will allow us to support each other in our quests to accomplish our individual aspirations, but also to work toward a common goal as a group: to be healthier in our bodies, minds, spirits, homes, schools, and planet. Every month, from now through October 4th, 2008 (the official date of the walk), I'll help us focus on different aspects of walking, personal growth, and spiritual connection. Within each month's theme, we'll also have some fun with a monthly contest and prize. Won't you take the first step, and join our community of spiritual walkers?

How Far We've Come

Check back each month to see how far we've walked as a group. Our goal is to walk, virtually of course, all the way across America.





22 walkers traveled 305.75 miles in January

81 walkers traveled 2,419.5 miles in February

24 walkers traveled
911.5 miles in March

11 walkers traveled
376.5 miles in April

25 walkers traveled
784 miles in May

17 walkers traveled
588 miles in June

6 walkers traveled
331 miles in July


How far did you walk this month?

Submit your miles here, and we'll keep track of how far we've all come.

Total Miles

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