Living with Cancer

Living with Cancer

Stories of Strength and Survival
'My Cancer Was a Gift'
By Rabbi David Wolpe

'I Know Where I'm Going'
Interview By Lilit Marcus

My Faith, My Health
By David Kuo

Why I Believe in the Power of Prayer
By Valerie Reiss

Finding My Passion
By Mary Lyn Miller

How Cancer Improved My Life
By Maria Woehr

Getting Back on the Bike
By Mary Jacobs

Spiritual Wisdom from Cancer Survivors
By Cecile S. Holmes

When Your Loved Ones Get Cancer
6 Tips for Caregivers
By Jessica C. Kraft

Six Things Cancer Patients Have Taught Me
By Therese J. Borchard

How to Visit a Sick Friend
By William D. Webber

When Your Best Friend Has Breast Cancer
By Sandy Rensvold

Illness Etiquette 101
By Carol Osborn

The Shock of Diagnosis
By Karen Leigh Stroup

Spiritual Healing Techniques
Meditation: Finding Meaning in Chemotherapy
Enter each chemo session with feelings of peace and healing.

Prayers and Mantras for Cancer Patients
Simple words of comfort for those who are living with cancer.

Meditation: Do Not Fear Death
Buddhist teacher Tulku Thondup shows you how to get over anxiety about dying.

Meditation: Helping Loved Ones Through a Cancer Diagnosis
A guided meditation and five ways to be there when your loved ones need you most.

Speak the Language of Healing
Surviving illness without going to war.

The Five Stages of Transformation
A step by step guide on handling illness.

Black Humor
Cancer isn't funny, but sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Facing the End
What to do when you get a terminal diagnosis.

Community Connections
Life In Remission
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Coping with Breast Cancer
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'I Feel So Alone'
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Dealing with Cancer During the Holidays
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When a Loved One is in a Nursing Home
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