Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Beliefnet is the largest spirituality website, independent and unaffiliated with any religious organization. Health coverage is a vital part of our mission. Because well-being involves our minds, spirits, and emotions as well as our bodies, Beliefnet's unique Health and Healing area includes information, support, and resources for people of all faiths on topics ranging from alternative health and holistic medicine to yoga and other mind-body practices. We also feature interactive tools like guided audio meditations that can bring calm to your day and help you manage stress. Here are some of our more popular features.


How to Yoga

Find out what yoga style is right for you, whether Christians should do yoga, and how to do downward-facing dog.

The Art of Tai Chi

How you can learn to balance your body's energy through this meditative practice.

Guided Meditations

Audio meditations you can do at your desk, on mindfulness, breathing, peace, lovingkindness, and more.


Spirituality and Health Blog

Amy Cunningham, otherwise known as Chattering Mind, explores spirituality, motherhood, aging, yoga, whole foods, meditation, and more.

Tune In to Subtle Energy

Author and alternative healer Diane Goldner explains the concept of chi, or life force.

Ways to Balance Your Chi

From acupunture to chi gong to reiki, a guide to subtle energy healing practices.

Alternative Health Center

Articles and resources about natural remedies, chinese medicine, relaxation, and alternative therapies.


Interview: Andrew Weil on Aging

The integrative medicine expert believes it's healthier to embrace aging than to resist it.

Interview: B.K.S. Iyengar on the Yogic Path

How yoga can lead to inner peace and happiness.


Discussions: Mind, Body, Spirit

Talk with other Beliefnet members about how mind, body, and spirit are related. Topics include reiki, homeopathy, alternative medicine, and more.