Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Beliefnet, the world's largest spirituality website, offers health information, tools, and support for people of all faiths. From our main Health and Healing page you can learn how to eat a heart-healthy diet, meditate, recognize the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, and start and stick with an exercise program. In addition to comprehensive medical information on topics from Alzheimer's to weight loss, Beliefnet features a Prayer Library with hundreds of prayers from different traditions for addiction, healing, depression, grief, and aging; guided meditations and devotionals that can help you manage stress; and prayer circles and support groups that offer limitless ways you can connect to others during difficult times.

Beliefnet's Health section can help you achieve better health, fitness goals, and a better understanding of how your health impacts your spiritual life. Here is a sampling of our health resources:


Do You Have Healthy Fitness Habits?

Listen to weight loss expert Norris Chumley's advice for creating a consistent fitness routine.

Exercise Tips

Your body is a temple, says Donna Richardson Joyner. Watch her workout moves that combine fitness with a biblical message.

Sports and Fitness

From walking to rock climbing, a complete guide to staying in shape.


Support Groups

Talk with others about addiction, depression, caretaking, cancer, divorce, chronic pain, weight loss, and more.

Tips for Caregivers

How to cope when caring for a loved one taxes your physical and emotional well-being.


Can Religion Affect Your Health?

How practices like prayer and attending church can affect our mental and physical well-being.

Prayers for Healing

A collection of prayers for health and comfort.

Prayer Circles

Post your thoughts and prayers for those in need.


Complete Health and Healing Coverage

Beliefnet's comprehensive guide to major health and fitness topics, including aging, nutrition, fitness, mental health, stress, illness, women's health, and more.