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Jewish Community Splash - SN

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She seeks to further her knowledge of Judaism

"I believe people need faith"
Jewish, Conservative Jew, Reconstructionist Jew, Cultural Jew

Modern Jewish Mom
"Modern mom using the blessings of our traditions to raise a strong family"
Jewish, Conservative Jew

See the story of his conversion to Orthodox Judaism
Jewish, Orthodox Jew

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Jewish Humor Enthusiasts
Let's admit it: We love to laugh! Whether it's along to a late-night Seinfeld rerun, a quirky Woody Allen flick, or the newest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, our thirst for witty, self-deprecating,
The Jewish Community of Elko County
By and about the Jewish community of Elko County

Yiddish Enthusiasts
Discussion of the love of Yiddish language and culture.

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Feiler Faster with Bruce Feiler


Casting Stones with Jim Wallis, Ron Dreher, David Kuo, and Steven Waldman
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Post #1 on Homosexuality and Orthodoxy
"Just because a person is openly homosexual is no reason he or she should not be a member of the community..."

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