Judaism -- Sacred Texts Search

Judaism -- Sacred Texts Search

Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) | Look it up

Internet Sacred Text Archive: Tanakh
This is a unicode version of the Hebrew Bible. The site includes a transliteration generated automatically from the Hebrew text. The system of transliteration is based on academic conventions for the transcription of Hebrew.
Islamicfinder Qur'an Index & Search
Search the Qur'an in Arabic, or in English: translations by Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, Shakir, and M. Khan. Transliteration is also available.
M.H. Shakir English Translation
Full text is provided by the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative. This resource offers both searching and browsing capabilities.
Qur'an Transliteration & Search
Full text provided by the University of Southern California's Compendium of Muslim Texts. This resource provides transliteration of the Qur'an by each Surah, and a keyword search.
Hadith / Sunnah | Look it up

Islamicity Hadith Index & Search
Search the hadith database and learn about the Prophet Muhammad through articles and multimedia presentations.
Islamicfinder Hadith Search
Search hadith by Bukhari, Muslim, Abudawud, and Muwatta.
USC-MSA Hadith Search
Learn about the Science of Hadith, and browse or search hadith by topic.
Common Islamic Terms | Look it up

Islam101 Glossary
Look up common Islamic terms, phrases,and acronyms using this site's comprehensive alphabetical index.
Islamic Terms List
On this site, the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry offers definitions of over 60 common Islamic terms.
Idara Dawat-o-Irshad Glossary
Site includes a glossary of common Islamic terms and acronyms.