Understanding Islam main page

Understanding Islam main page

In the five years since 9/11, a spotlight has been on Islam and Muslims. Read Muslim voices as they react to world events and address controversial topics such as jihad, madrassas, terrorism, and women's rights. more »
Muslims Reflect on 9/11
Four American Muslim leaders--an imam, an editor, a scholar and a feminist--reflect on the changing face of Muslims and other issues since 9/11.
Homegrown Terrorism in America?
Homegrown terrorism is on the rise around the world. But how susceptible are American Muslim youth to the rhetoric of dangerous radicals? By Omar Sacirbey

Sept. 11 ushered in the "war on terror." How did Muslims deal with the Madrid, London, and Mumbai bombings, the Danish cartoon controversy, the war in Iraq, and the Lebanese/Israeli conflict? Does Islam condone or condemn the actions of extremists? Learn what Islam does, and doesn't teach about things like jihad and martyrdom. more »

On the verge of gaining a strong political voice and greater social acceptance, Muslims in America have faced numerous challenges in the past five years, including defining and practicing their religion and teaching non-Muslims about the nuances of Islam. Read what they have to say, and join in the discussion. more »
Michael Wolfe: Be a Part of the Process
Five years after 9/11, Beliefnet columnist and author Michael Wolfe, who edited Beliefnet's award-winning book, "Taking Back Islam," reflects on 9/11 and what he believes Muslims should be doing now.
The Hajj Pilgrimage
Take a virtual tour to understand and learn about the fifth pillar of Islam, Muslims' annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

What are the Five Pillars? What are the sacred texts in Islam? What is the meaning of "Islam"? What does the Muslim call to prayer sound like? Start with a quiz to see what you know, then explore our other features to learn more. more »

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