Islam gallery 08

Islam gallery 08

8. Daisy Khan

Khan is the founder of the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow group.

Islam shares the ethical foundations of Christianity and Judaism: To love God and our fellow human being, commit to social justice, diversity, and pluralism, and struggle for moral uprightness. The Prophet Muhammad cautioned Muslims, "Beware of extremism in the religion." He is known to have repeatedly emphasized the middle path of moderation and gentleness traveled by most of today's Muslims. The Qur'an continually warns believers against extremism and any kind of excess: "Do not exceed the bounds in your religion," and "Commit not transgression therein, lest My anger should justly descend upon you." From an Islamic perspective, zealotry and extremism signify a tendency away from what is deemed moderate and balanced. So we continue to condemn the violence and senselessness of terrorism and the devastation it wreaks on us all.

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