Islam gallery 03

Islam gallery 03

3. Azhar Usman

Usman is a stand-up comedian and member of the "Allah Made Me Funny" comedy troupe. He is also a lawyer and an on-air personality on MTV Desi.

The Qur'an teaches human beings to "stand up as witnesses for God," even if it be against themselves. Being a witness for God, to me, includes standing up against injustice, oppression, and tyranny--whatever the form, and whoever the perpetrators. Being a Muslim is not about adopting a tribal mentality that means defending the actions of all Muslims. On the contrary, the Qur'an's command is clear: Condemn mischief and corruption on Earth, whether perpetrated by people who call themselves believers or otherwise. This applies with equal force to the condemnation of terrorists, as well as to those who engage in terroristic counter-terrorism. I am motivated by my desire to earn the good opinion and favor of God Almighty, not necessarily to win fellow Americans or Muslims as friends.

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