Islam gallery 02

Islam gallery 02

2. Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Mattson, the director of the Islamic Chaplaincy program at the Hartford Seminary, is president of the Islamic Society of Northern America.

Americans should turn off the TV and look for opportunities to get to know their Muslim neighbor because it will alleviate a great deal of fear and anxiety. The most important teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on this issue are about the rights of the neighbor, and that the neighbor has rights on a Muslim that are almost as strong as the rights of family. No one can be called a true believer if his neighbor, or anyone in his community, is afraid of him--these are the guiding principles for the vast majority of Muslims. It's these teachings that make those Muslims want to be good citizens and good friends to those people around. Terrorism isn't part of our religion, and never has been.

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