Christian Community Splash -- SN

Christian Community Splash -- SN

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"I believe in the P.O.P=Power of Prayer"
Born-Again Christian, Non-Denominational

"'Crux sola est nostra theologia.' - Martin Luther"
Progressive Christian, Traditional Christian, Mainline Christian

"Technology meets Religion"
Evangelical Christian, Born-Again Christian

"I have wandered spiritually all my life, but as lousy a Christian as I am, I have found that Christ is always present in my life..."
Progressive Christian, Traditional Christian, Neo-Pagan

Featured Groups
The Christian Trinity Bible Study
Review various passage/books, and weekly debates.
Men & Church
Have churches made God too girly? Or have men become too macho?

What Kind of Music Would Jesus Listen to?
Rap? Rock? CCM? Would he own an iPod?
Christian Book Club
Share all-time favorites or books that you feel should be banished from the shelves.

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Discussion forum for members or those interested.

Content Feeds
Inspiration and Teaching
Daily Christian Inspiration
Daily Christian Nourishment
Max Lucado's Seven Days of 3:16
Finding Your Inner Wisdom with Renita Weems
Creating the Family You Always Wanted with Mary DeMuth
Beyond Blue with Therese Borchard

Bible Reading and Study

Daily Bible Reading
Daily Bible Reading (KJV)
Jesus Mean & Wild: Discovering the Untamable God with Mark Galli

Blogs and Commentary

Crunchy Con with Rod Dreher
God's Politics with Jim Wallis and Friends
J-Walking with David Kuo

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Featured Journals
Right in My Heart
"Someone suggested that I am doing what I feel in my heart is right as well as I can. Am I? Really?..."
from anesis

After God's Heart
"Rev. Renita Weems (she's so brilliant! praise God for her) posted a question....Should not our loneliness draw us to the Light? Absolutely!"

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Jesus Is Everything

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