Mary information

Mary information


Beliefnet is the leading site covering faith, religion, and spirituality. Our site offers resources, insightful commentary, and personal essays about Mary, believed to be the virgin mother of Jesus Christ. Our articles about Mary are of special interest to Roman Catholics, but also to non-Catholics: Anglicans; Eastern Orthodox Christians (who venerate her as the Theotokos); Lutherans and other Protestants who are interested in the mother of Jesus; and Muslims, who venerate Mary as Mariam or Maryam. Use our features to explore key events in Mary's life:
  • The Annunciation, in which the angel Gabriel in Nazareth asked Mary to be Jesus' mother
  • Mary's visitation to her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist; Jesus' birth in Bethlehem;
  • The finding of Jesus by Mary and Joseph in the Temple at Jerusalem.
  • Mary's Assumption into heaven after her death, which is observed as an important feast for Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox
Beliefnet also explores devotion to the Blessed Mother--the Hail Mary, the rosary, statues, holy cards, and the "Mary Garden"--as well as her reported apparitions at Lourdes, Fatima, and Medjugorje, and shrines to Mary such as Our Lady of La Leche. You can find writing about Our Lady by such authors as Scott Hahn, Lawrence Cunningham, and Juli Loesch Wiley. We also offer discussion boards where you can discuss the Virgin Mary and what she means to your life. Please choose a topic below to explore our offerings.


How Do You See Mary?

Take the poll to share your thoughts on how the Catholic Church treats the Virgin Mary.

How I Came to Love Mary

I used to be too cool for my mom--and that's how many Catholics feel about Jesus' mother.


The Rosary: Lifesaver to the Drowning

The traditional beads are a powerful tool for meditation.

Sightings of Mary

A dramatic rise in reported Marian apparitions over the past few years may not mean she has actually appeared--but it does signal a resurgence of warm devotion to God's mother.


Jesus' virginal conception is central to the Christian belief that he is God's son. But did Mary have sexual relations with her husband, Joseph, afterwards?

Ever-Virgin Mary

Mary's perpetual virginity is part of ancient tradition and theologically central to Jesus' uniqueness. By Fr. Ted Stylianopoulos

Mary Had a Family

The Gospels suggest that Jesus had several full-blooded brothers and sisters. By Ben Witherington III


Is an ethereal figure who did not have an ordinary married life an example that 21st-century women can relate to?