catholic - religion information page

catholic - religion information page


Beliefnet is the leading site covering faith, religion, and spirituality. Our site offers insights, thoughtful commentary, articles, and personal essays by and for Roman Catholics. Our articles cover a range of topics about the Catholic religion: the Mass and the liturgy; the sacraments, including baptism, confession, confirmation, and the Eucharist; the rosary and other Catholic devotions, including favorite Catholic prayers such as the Our Father and the Hail Mary. We cover the history of the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy from the time of Jesus Christ, touching on Catholic doctrines and dogmas as well. Beliefnet's Catholic coverage includes:
  • Articles about Catholic saints, angels, and holy people, including the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. Jude, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Therese of Lisieux, Pierre Toussaint, Mother Teresa, and Dorothy Day.
  • Features about and readings for the feast days and seasons of the Catholic Church, including Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and Lent.
  • Articles on Catholic-Jewish relations as well as relations between Catholics and Protestants (including evangelicals) and the Eastern Orthodox.
  • Discussion and analysis of controversial issues and groups in the church, including clergy sexual abuse, abortion, birth control, Opus Dei, and bishops' conferences.
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