Jesus and Paul - Jesus & Politics

Jesus and Paul - Jesus & Politics

Politics and Roman Rule

When Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God, he was referring to:
Primarily a religious kingdom
Primarily a political kingdom
Both a religious and political kingdom
Rendering Unto Caesar
Jesus' famous saying saying flummoxed his opponents and leaves today's Christians scratching their heads. By Marcus Borg

A Messiah, Not a King
In a Q&A with a reader, scholar Richard Mouw says Jesus' ministry should not be understood primarily in political terms.

Politically Incorrect Parables
What was the political nature of the parables? Bishop N.T. Wright answers a reader's question.

Your Opinions
"The thing that got most tangled up with the politics, was Jesus' message that the oppressed Jewish people had not been forgotten by God, that God was their one and only king and that their salvation was at hand."

Jesus' Kingdom Program
The radical hope Jesus offered the poor. By John Dominic Crossan

What Was Pontius Pilate Like?
A brief look at the Roman procurator.

Turn the Other Cheek?
Should the Sermon on the Mount lead to political protest? By Marcus Borg

What would Jesus say about politics today? What does the Kingdom of God mean for you? Debate the issues on our "Historical Jesus" message board.

Bible Passages
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