Jesus and Paul - Discussions (14320)

Jesus and Paul - Discussions (14320)



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Peter Jennings at the Forum in Rome
Peter Jennings on location at the Forum in Rome
Jesus' Trial: Who wanted Jesus killed, and why?

The Atonement: Was Jesus' death a sacrifice for the sin of the world, a political martyrdom, or both?

Resurrection: If Jesus was not raised from the dead, could your faith remain intact?


Paul's Influence on Christianity: Did Paul change Jesus' teachings, or explain them more fully?

Conversion: Have you had a "conversion" experience? Was it a lightning-bolt experience, or a gradual process?

Favorite Verses: Which of Paul's writings mean most to you?

Faith and Works: Which do you value more as an expression of faith: outward actions, or inner thoughts and feelings about God?

End Times: Did Paul predict a Rapture?

Women in the Church: How have Paul's writings about women affected you?

Homosexuality: Was Paul referring to homosexuality in Romans 1:24-27?

A New Religion? Did Paul think of Christianity as religion separate from Judaism?


Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Paul, and see photos of where Paul preached.

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