Jesus and Paul - The End Times

Jesus and Paul - The End Times

End Times and the Rapture

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"[Paul] realized eventually that the Rapture wasn't going to happen... his focus was becoming less eschatological and more Christological." —anamchara

"When Paul speaks as if the rapture will come soon, he's setting forth the Christian theology to "live every day with the rapture in mind." —arunma

The Apostle Paul and the Rapture
Paul's life and writings give us clues about what to expect at the end of the world. By 'Left Behind' co-author Jerry Jenkins

Jesus, Paul, and the End of the World
Both men believed they were living in the End Times. But neither would approve of the current "Left Behind" mania. By Ben Witherington III

Bible Excerpts: Paul's writings on the last days

What's the Rapture?
A basic guide to what many Christians believe will happen in the End Times.

Explore More on the End Times
Apocalyptic thought in world religions, what Christians believe about the End Times, and more.


Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Paul, and see photos of where Paul preached.

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