Jesus and Paul - Gender & Sex

Jesus and Paul - Gender & Sex

Gender & Sexuality

Paul and the Role of Women

Saint Paul by Andrea Vanni
I think Paul's writings are:
Generally positive about women
Generally negative about women
Not sure
In Defense of Paul
The apostle preaches equality between the sexes--but says that men and women have distinctive roles. By Richard Land

Friend or Enemy of Women?
The picture of Paul as an unmitigated misogynist is too simplistic. By Rosemary Radford Ruether

"Wives, Be Subject to Your Husbands"
What Paul really meant. By John T. Bristow

What Paul Wrote About Women
Read Bible excerpts.

Paul's View of Sex

Your Opinions
"Paul explains that ...the earthly submission of women towards men is only temporary (only on this earth) it is to help reveal the spiritual truth of Christ and His Church."

Paul Wasn't Against Sex
Despite the bad press he's gotten, Paul's sexual ethic was not ascetic. By James D. G. Dunn

Paul's "Thorn in the Flesh"
Was Paul's self-loathing tied to his own sexual orientation? By Bishop John Shelby Spong

Homosexuality: Rebellion Against God
How the great Apostle understood--and decried--homosexuality. By Richard B. Hays

Your Opinions
"I don't personally think Paul was homophobic ...He was condemning all sexual acts that were performed as part of Pagan rituals."



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