Lent: Christian Season of Repentance

Lent: Christian Season of Repentance

Primer: What Are Ash Wednesday and Lent (and What's with the Smudge Marks)?

  Observing Lent

  •   The Divine Hours of Lent
      Join author Phyllis Tickle on a journey through Lent.
  • Gallery: Twelve Ways to Pray During Lent
    Click through Therese Borchards gallery to find ways to find joy in prayer during this somber season.

  • Weekly Readings: St. Augustine, the Desert Fathers, and more

  • Daily Lectionary: Subscribe to an audio feed and listen to the day's Bible reading.

  •   Video

  • Why I Fast
    Watch Frederica Matthewes-Green explain the power of fasting.
  • Palm Sunday
    Watch Marcus Borg discuss the politics of Palm Sunday

  •    A Community Journey

  • Discuss Your Lent Observances
    Are you fasting, making a sacrifice or taking on a new devotion?
    Share your experiences.
  • Make Lent a Time for Giving
    Find a charity you want to support and learn how to contribute.

  •    Eastern Orthodox Lent

  • Journey Into Orthodox Christian Lent
    By Frederica Mathewes-Green
  • Shrimp Guilt: Lenten Loopholes in Orthodox Fasting
    By Phillip Kontos

  •    More Lent Features

  • Why I Hate Lent
    Its her least favorite liturgical season, but shed miss it if it were gone.
    By Charlotte Allen
  • Fasting Quiz:
    Who gives up what, and why?
  • Giving up Sex for Lent
    Why her married friends who give up sex for Lent arent crazy.
    By Lauren F. Winner
  • Lent as Divine Therapy
    Use this 40-day period to overcome emotional obstacles that keep you from God. An interview with Fr. Thomas Keating
  • Lent and Its Discontents
    I did push-ups, eschewed alcohol, and went on a bread-and-oatmeal fast--but I didn't overcome my self-centeredness. By Matthew Lickona
  • Faith-by-Faith Fasting Chart
    Different approaches to the spiritual discipline of fasting.


    A meditation inspired by
    angel sculptures in Rome

    An audiovisual feature
    tracing Jesus' Passion

    Make Lent more meaningful


    How do you feel about the start of Lent?
    I look forward to Lent, it's my favorite liturgical season
    I don't really notice the start of Lent
    I dread the start of Lent and the fast

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