Worship, Praise and Worship, Worship Music, Christian Worship, Catholic worship

Worship, Praise and Worship, Worship Music, Christian Worship, Catholic worship


Beliefnet is the leading site covering faith, religion, and spirituality. We offer many resources for readers who want to explore Christian worship, including features on worship and praise music, articles about Christian church services and the liturgy, discussions of different worship styles, and opportunities to learn about worship in other faiths. Choose from our many worship articles and interactive features below:


Trace Jesus' Passion

The Way of the Cross: A multimedia worship experience leading you through Jesus' passion and death.

Blended Worship

Blended worship combines several different styles of worship services and music.

Mining the Mystery

With its focus on aesthetics, ritual, and community, Orthodox worship is a magnet for some evangelicals.


In Search of Vibrant Worship

How to make the Sunday liturgy more meaningful.

Show Tunes During Worship?

Operatic arias and show tunes are replacing appropriately liturgical worship songs.


Interview with CeCe Winans

The gospel music star explains what worship means to her.

Can Worship Music Be Edgy?

David Crowder, head of one of the biggest Christian worship bands in the U.S., shares how he discovered his calling to provide edgy worship music to the masses.


Find a House of Worship

Beliefnet's tool will help you find a place to worship or practice any faith.

Divine Chants

Our best articles and audio lessons on multifaith chants used for worship and praise.