Scientology, Scientology Beliefs, Church of Scientology, Scientology Religion:

Scientology, Scientology Beliefs, Church of Scientology, Scientology Religion:


What is Scientology, and what do Scientologists believe? Beliefnet's Scientology coverage answers your questions about Dianetics, Scientology practices and beliefs, L. Ron Hubbard, celebrity Scientologists such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, silent birth, and much more. Beliefnet is the leading website covering religion and spirituality. Please choose a topic below to find out how Scientology became a religion, what draws celebrities to Scientology, and whether Scientology can mix with other religions.


What Do Scientologists Believe?

Explore the basic beliefs of Scientology.

Scientology's Roots and Growth

Interview with Professor Hugh Urban, an expert on new religious movements, on Scientology's roots, beliefs, and practices.

Why I Like Being a Scientologist

Beliefnet's Scientologist members describe how the faith has helped them.


Did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Practice Silent Birth?

The Rev. John Carmichael of the Church of Scientology explains the practice of silent birth.

What Draws Stars to Scientology?

Reader others' theories and share your own on the message boards.


Scientology Examined

An open debate welcoming both followers and critics of Scientology.

More Discussions

Discuss all aspects of Scientology with Beliefnet members or meet Scientologists on our discussion boards.