Meditations, Benefits of Meditation, Yoga Meditation, Transcendental Meditation

Meditations, Benefits of Meditation, Yoga Meditation, Transcendental Meditation


Beliefnet is the leading spirituality and religion site. Our Meditation section includes teachings, articles, and discussions about many kinds of meditation, including Zen, Buddhist, Transcendental, Christian, and more. Our offerings include:
  • An audio library of guided meditations to help you relax, focus, energize, or send love.
  • Advice from leading meditation experts--from Thich Nhat Hahn to Sharon Salzberg to Tara Brach--to help you learn simple techniques like watching the breath and to explore the many benefits of meditation.
  • Readings, meditations, articles, and essays for beginning meditators and experienced practitioners.
  • Discussion groups in which you can talk about the joys and pitfalls of your meditation practice.
  • And more!
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A World of Meditation

Explore more than a dozen types of meditation, including Zazen, Sufi, Kabbalah, Dzogchen, Rosary, and more.

Meditation for Christians

Former Trappist monk James Finley talks about the spiritual benefit of meditation and Christian contemplative practice.

Don't Just Sit There

Lama Surya Das explains that meditation isn't all there is to Buddhist practice.


Transcendental Meditation Basics

What is TM, and how does it differ from other types of meditation?

Why David Lynch Loves TM

The filmmaker explains his Transcendental Meditation practice, discusses the benefits of meditation, and tells why TM could help reduce student stress.


Being Peaceful with Thich Nhat Hanh

Breathing and Calm Waters Meditations with Thich Nhat Hanh

Complete Guided Meditations


Meditation Posture

The best meditative posture is the one in which you feel comfortable, stable, and alert.

Finding Time to Meditate

You eat lunch, don't you? Then you can meditate.