Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Mary

Mary Magdalene, Gospel of Mary

Mary Magdalene

Welcome to Beliefnet's coverage of Mary Magdalene. Beliefnet is the leading religion and spirituality website. Mary Magdalene has been part of the Christian religion since its beginning. According to the New Testament, she was a devoted disciple of Jesus, present at his crucifixion, and the first to encounter the risen Christ. In addition to the Bible's mentions of Mary Magdalene, Christian thinkers over the centuries have speculated about her history and identity, and identified her with other biblical "Marys" or unnamed women. For generations, Mary Magdalene was thought to be a prostitute, and more recently, books like "The Da Vinci Code" have spread the idea that she was Jesus' wife--though neither claim is reflected in the Bible itself. Beliefnet's coverage of Mary Magdalene includes:
  • An exploration of the Gospel of Mary of Magdala, an ancient text that radically reinterprets Jesus' teachings
  • An art gallery showing the many different ways Mary Magdalene has been depicted by artists
  • Essays on whether Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus and, if so, whether they had children together
  • A quiz about Mary Magdalene in the Bible and in popular culture
  • Opinion pieces on the place of Mary Magdalene in today's Christianity


Mary Magdalene in Art

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Mary's Makeover

Like Jesus, Mary Magdalene is now the subject of a cultural makeover. What agenda do feminist scholars have in mind? By Kenneth L. Woodward


The Gospel of Mary of Magdala

An ancient manuscript, a radical interpretation of Jesus' teachings--written in the name of a woman.

Letting Mary Magdalene Speak

Tradition is not fixed. Newly-discovered texts like the Gospel of Mary let us hear other voices in an ancient Christian debate. By Karen King


Was Jesus Married?

"The Da Vinci Code" forces us to confront the question: Was Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus?