Jewish Religion

Jewish Religion


Welcome to Beliefnet's complete coverage of Judaism, Jewish life, and the issues that concern contemporary Jews. Beliefnet is the leading website covering religion and spirituality. You'll find inspiring faith stories from Jews who have embraced Judaism by choice, and from those who have drawn on their Jewish heritage to dedicate their lives to fulfilling the commandments of Torah in the contemporary world. Our offerings include:
  • The Virtual Talmud blog, a unique Jewish blog that lets you join three rabbis debating Judaism and Jewish life in the 21st century
  • Daily Jewish Wisdom, a newsletter that provides a daily Torah passage and wisdom from Jewish sages, delivered to your inbox each morning
  • Great teachers and spiritual leaders from the Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and Jewish Renewal movements to help enlighten your spiritual journey
  • Beliefnet's Guide to Kabbalah, a book that introduces you to the Jewish mystical traditions with ancient roots and a growing contemporary following
  • People of the Book, a column by Rabbi David Wolpe that takes you inside the most talked-about books in the Jewish world
Whether you want to learn the Jewish basics, become a better Jew, explore the Jewish religion and Jewish spirituality more deeply, or seek moral guidance from rabbis and other learned Jewish teachers, Beliefnet's Judaism section has it all.


Torah-Chanting Tips

A Torah reading novice offers tips for staying focused and letting the Torah come alive.

A 21st-Century Shabbat Story

How to make the weekly observance of the Sabbath meaningful today.

Ask the Rabbi

Want to know if God wrote the Torah? Interested in learning about Jewish teachings on the afterlife? Beliefnet's "Ask the Rabbi" archive has the answers.


Beliefnet's Virtual Talmud Blog

Rabbis Eliyahu Stern, Susan Grossman, and Joshua Waxman blog about Judaism and contemporary life.


Should Jews Share Jerusalem?

The holy city is central to Jewish faith, but nothing in Judaism requires refusing to share it. By Jonathan Lincoln

Prayers for Peace in the Middle East

Join this multifaith prayer circle for peace and end to hatred and strife.


The Beliefnet Guide to Kabbalah

An informative, reader-friendly overview of Jewish mysticism.

How Much Do You Know?

Take Beliefnet's Kabbalah quiz to find out how much you know about Jewish mysticism.


Beliefnet's Judaism Section

More on Jewish observance, Jewish ritual, contemporary Jewish issues, and debates. Plus interactive features, audio and video, quizzes, and more.