Hinduism info

Hinduism info


Welcome to Beliefnet's coverage of Hinduism, one of the world's largest and oldest religions. Beliefnet is the leading website covering faith, religion, and spirituality. Our Hinduism section covers Hindu gods, Hindu families, Hindu worship, and Hindu scriptures. Our columnists and writers, including Shoba Narayan, Aparita Bhandari, Lavina Melwani, and many others delve into the spiritual and cultural life of Hindus in North America, India, and around the world. The topics they explore include:
  • Finding meaning in and learning about ancient Hindu rituals
  • Relationships with Hindu deities--such as Krishna, Ganesha, Hanuman, Kali, and Shiva
  • New and traditional celebrations of Hindu holidays like Diwali and Holi
Beliefnet also offers quizzes on various aspects of Hinduism and slide shows that provide a glimpse at this vibrant faith. Please choose one of Beliefnet's popular features below to begin your exploration of the Hindu religion.


Learn About Hinduism

Explore the central tenets of this faith, including its teachings on the nature of a deity, the origin of the universe, the existence of evil, and more.

What Sort of Hindu Are You?

Take our Hindu identity quiz to find out.


America's Favorite Hindu?

Meet Apu, from "The Simpsons."

How to Yoga

Learn many different techniques for yoga, the ancient Hindu discipline.

Explore India's Faiths

See a slide show of India's many religious traditions, including Hinduism.


Lighting the Lamps for Diwali

It may not be the month-long, raucous Diwali they had in India, but Hindus in the U.S still make this important holiday special.

Welcoming Hindu Babies

The message of the Hindu baby-naming ceremony remains simple, despite the glitz of computer horoscopes and temple websites.


Beliefnet's Hinduism Section

More on Hindu practice and spirituality, contemporary Hindu issues, and living a Hindu life. Plus interactive features, audio and video, quizzes, and more.