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Welcome to Beliefnet's coverage of heaven and the afterlife. Beliefnet is the leading website covering religion and spirituality. Our coverage of heaven and hell helps answer many questions about the afterlife: What is heaven? Where is heaven? And how do we get to heaven? Our Heaven section includes:
  • How to discover the kingdom of heaven
  • Explorations of paradise and the afterlife
  • Quizzes about who gets inside heaven
  • Articles on signs of heaven on earth
  • Essays and teaching on heaven by writers from Mitch Albom to Anne Graham Lotz
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What Your Faith Believes About Heaven

Is it an earthly Paradise, a place of eternal summer, or a state of union with God? Check our chart to see what your religion says.

Barbara Walters on Heaven

The television anchor explores what different religions teach about heaven and whether she'll have a place in the afterlife.


Quiz: What Happens in Heaven?

Heaven plays an important role in pop culture. Test your knowledge of heaven's place in books, TV, and pop songs.

Halos and Harps in Heaven?

Anthony DeStefano, author of "A Travel Guide to Heaven," describes the joys of heaven, even if they're not what we expect.


Who Gets Into the Kingdom of Heaven?

Salvation cannot be bought except through the blood of Jesus. By Michael Youssef

Heaven for Everyone

There's no way to know who God will choose to go to heaven. By Bill Haley

Poll: Do Pets Go to Heaven?

Will you see your furry friend in heaven? Take our poll.

Who's Going to Hell?

A surprising number of people say they know someone going to hell. Read the results of Beliefnet's survey.