December calendar for 2007

December calendar for 2007

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December 2

Beginning of Advent
Start of a 4-week period of preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ.
Feature: Advent Calendar

December 5 - 12

Eight-day festival of lights beginning on the 25th of Kislev
commemorating the rededication of the Temple in Jersalem after its desecration by Syrian King Antiochus in 165 BCE (begins at sundown the night before).
Feature: A Great Miracle Happened
Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
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December 8

Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Commemoration of Mary's conception by Joachim and Anna. Catholic teaching holds that, from the moment of her conception, Mary was sinless (never tainted by Original Sin).
Essay: Too Cool for Mary?

Zen Buddhist
Bodhi Day/Rohatsu
Commemoration of the Buddha's enlightenment; a time of intense meditation.
Essay: Buddhism's Gospel: Rohatsu and Enlightenment
Excerpt: What Is Rohatsu?
Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

December 18

Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca that must be performed by every Muslim man and woman at least once in their lifetime.
Explore: Editor's Picks: Hajj and Ramadan
Essays: The 'Other' Hajj City: Medina, A Hajj for All Muslims
Resource: The Hajj
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December 20

Mother Night
Eve of Winter Solstice and the holiest night of the year; marks the beginning of the twelve days of Yule.
Link: About Yule
eCards: Send a Yule Greeting

Eid al-Adha
"Festival of the Sacrifice," a commemoration of Abraham.
Explore: Editor's Picks: Hajj and Ramadan
Essay: A Hajj for All Muslims
Resource: The Hajj
Link: About Eid al-Adha

December 21

Pagan/Wiccan  Heathen
Winter Solstice/Saturnalia/Yule
Pagan observance of the longest night of the year, celebrating the rebirth of the sun god. The first of twelve days of Yule celebrating the Holy Tide of Heathen ancestral ways, community, gift giving, and the rebirth of longer days.
Essay: Light Born Out of the Dark
Excerpt: Celebrating Winter Solstice
Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
Link: About Yule
eCards: Send a Yule Greeting

December 21 - 25

Pancha Ganapati
Five-day festival honoring Ganesh; a family celebration enjoyed by children and adults.
Excerpt: A Hindu Answer to the December Dilemma

December 25

Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ; coined from the old English Christes maesse or "Christ's mass."
Feature: Celebrating the Birth of Christ
eCards: Send a Christmas Greeting

Orthodox Christian - Old Calendar
Feast of the Nativity (Christmas)
Feast commemorating the birth of Jesus.
Essay: Celebrating the Nativity Orthodox-Style
Multimedia: Christmas Chant: Music for the Feast of the Nativity

December 26

Zarathosht Diso (Zarthost No Deeso)
Commemoration of the death of the Prophet Zarathustra; a solemn occasion devoted to special prayers and discourse concerning the life and works of Zarathustra.
Link: About Zarthost No Deeso

December 26 - January 1

Seven-day African-American and Pan-African holiday celebrating family, community, and culture.
Basics: Kwanzaa Primer
Feature: Kwanzaa Day by Day
Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
eCards: Send a Kwanzaa Greeting

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