Christianity info page

Christianity info page


Welcome to Beliefnet's Christianity section. Beliefnet is the leading website covering faith, religion, and spirituality. Our Christianity section offers something for followers of Jesus Christ in all denominations and at all points on their spiritual journey. Whether you are a committed Christian, a seeker, a member of the Christian clergy, or simply interested in learning about Christian beliefs, you will find something here. Our Christianity coverage includes:
  • Guides to basic Christian beliefs and practices
  • Essays, commentary, and discussions about Jesus and his role in your life
  • Articles, quizzes, and interactive features for various Christian denominations
  • Christian prayers, meditations, devotionals, and other discipleship tools
  • Bible study, an "Ask the Bible Scholar" column, gospel commentary, and more scripture and discipleship resources
  • Daily resources to enhance your Christian life, including Bible readings, prayers, and inspirational stories
  • Information about Christian holidays, including Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, Ash Wednesday, Advent, and more
  • Praise and worship features, including interviews with Christian music stars
  • Christian commentary about contemporary issues, including American politics, the Iraq war, homosexuality, and the role of women
  • Resources for Christian outreach, missions, and evangelism
  • Essays, interviews, and inspiration from major Christian preachers and leaders, such as Max Lucado, Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes, Tony Campolo, Joyce Meyer, Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Charles Stanley, and more
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Daily Christian Prayers

Check out Beliefnet's complete library of Christian prayers for every occasion and time of need.

23rd Psalm Meditation

The power and comfort of this familiar psalm come alive in this audio-visual devotional.

More Christian Meditations

Relax and focus on God with these guided meditations based on the scripture.


What do Christians believe?

Find out the main tenets of these Christian groups and denominations:

Christianity and Other Faiths

Compare basic Christian beliefs and practices to those found in Judaism and Islam.


Complete Jesus Features

Who is Jesus Christ and what is his role in your life? Explore Beliefnet's articles about Jesus and devotional and inspirational features.

Jesus for Non-Christians

How do other faiths view Jesus? Take a look at Christianity's founder through the eyes of Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims.


A Christian Church Near You

Use Beliefnet's House of Worship Locator to find a church of your denomination, whether you're at home or traveling.

Church Hopping

Are you still looking for the right church?


Complete Christianity Features

Explore the latest Beliefnet features on Christian living, the Bible, Christian entertainment, family life, inspiration, prayer, theology, worship, and more.