April calendar for 2007

April calendar for 2007

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April 1

Christian  Orthodox Christian
Palm Sunday
Sunday prior to Easter; commemorates Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem.
Resource: The Lenten Journey
Resource: Palm Sunday in the Orthodox Church

Link: About Palm Sunday

April 2

Theravada Buddhist
Theravada Buddhist New Year
New Year for many Buddhists in South East Asia; festivities continue for three days.
Link: Buddhist Festivals and Holidays

April 3 - April 10

Eight-day festival marking the liberation of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt (begins at sundown April 2).
Feature: Passover Offerings
Basics: What Is Passover?
eCards: Send a Passover Greeting

April 6

Good Friday
Commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus at Calvary.
Essay: The Holiday Hallmark Can't Handle
Feature: Bitter Journey: The Way of the Cross

April 8

Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Feature: Christ Is Risen
eCards: Send an Easter Greeting

Orthodox Christian
Feast day commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Feature: Christ Is Risen

Sikh New Year festival; most important date on the Sikh calendar. Commemorates the year 1699, when Sikhism was formed as a faith.
Link: About Baisakhi

April 15

Yom HaShoah
Holocaust Remembrance Day; remembers the Jews killed during World War II (begins at sundown the previous day).
Resource: The Unbelievable and the Believer
Explore: Cassandraism and the Holocaust
Essay: A Day Without Ritual

April 21

Feast of Ridvan
Commemorates Baha'u'llah's declaration of his mission as God's messenger (begins at sundown the previous day).
Essay: Ridvn, King of Festivals
Links: The Ridvan Festival, More About Ridvan

April 22

Earth Day
Non-religious celebration recognizing the importance of preserving our only planet.
Features: Complete Earth Day Coverage
eCards: Send an Earth Day Greeting

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