Fallen Leaders Gallery 6

Fallen Leaders Gallery 6


Baruch Lanner, Orthodox Jewish teacher, principal, and youth group leader, was accused of abusing students over a three-decade period.

Offense: Lanner was accused of abusing children under his care from the 1970s to the late 1990s. He denied all charges. His accusers claimed that Lanner's superiors knew of his behavior but failed to take action.

Consequence, Punishment: Lanner resigned his position with the Orthodox Union (OU) the day an article made the allegations public. Previously, a Jewish religious court had found Lanner not guilty; nothing was made public, and some prominent rabbis continued to defend Lanner. In the U.S. legal system, however, Lanner was convicted of abusing two teenage girls and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.

Effect on Community: Many of the youths whom Lanner is accused of abusing continue to struggle with their faith and with ongoing psychological problems. The OU revamped its policies on protecting members of its youth group, and the incident led to the resignation of some OU officials.

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