Calendar of Holidays & Festivals - September 2005

Calendar of Holidays & Festivals - September 2005

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September 1

Lailat al Miraj (Shab-e-Miraj)
Commemorates the ascension of Muhammad; celebrated by telling the story of how Muhammad was visited by two archangels who purified his heart and filled him with knowledge and faith (begins at sundown).
Link: About Lailat al Miraj

September 5

Labor Day
First Monday in September; holiday honoring working people.
Essays: The Patron Saint of Labor Day, Life Is More than Work
eCards: Send a Labor Day Greeting

September 7

Ganesh Chaturathi
Celebrates Ganesha, the elephant-headed god and destroyer of obstacles.
Advice: Teaching Kids to Love Ganesha
Link: About Ganesh Chaturathi

September 11

 Coptic, Ethiopian Christians
Ethiopian New Year; traditions include a family meal, singing, and visiting friends.
Link: Time and Dates in Ethiopia

September 17

Feast of Mithra
Festival with focus on Mithra, greatest of the angels and an angel of light.
Link: The Festival of Mehregan

September 19

Fast observed 15 days prior to the holy month of Ramadan; believed to be the time when god writes the destinies of all men for the year ahead.
Link: About Shab-E-Barat

September 22

 Pagan/Wiccan    Heathen
Mabon/Autumn Equinox/Freyfaxi
Pagan observance of the second harvest festival; a time to give thanks and look inward. To mark the Fall Harvest, Heathens celebrate a festival for the God Freyr and the Goddess Freya.
Essay: Living in Season: Mid Autumn Moon
Resource: Asatru (Nordic Heathenism)
Link: About Mabon
eCards: Send an Equinox Greeting

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