Jesus and Paul

Jesus and Paul


I think the Apostle Paul:
Explained Jesus' message
Changed Jesus' message
Who Founded Christianity?
Jesus, not Paul, is the founder of Christianity. But Paul did a great job spreading the good news. By Bishop N.T. Wright

Scholarly Smackdown
Elaine Pagels and Ben Witherington III debate Paul's influence on Christianity.

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  • Did Paul Distort the Message of Jesus?
    Contemporary charges shortchange Paul, who was a remarkable man. By Marcus Borg

    Paul vs. the Evangelists
    The Gospels correct Paul's ideas about Jesus' resurrected body.
    By Alan F. Segal

    Flesh, Spirit, and Paul's Vision of Sin
    Paul treats Sin as a power which is not only alien to God but almost as powerful. By E.P. Sanders

    Paul's Grit Under Pressure
    He was shipwrecked, stoned, beaten and laughed at--but he kept going. By Charles Swindoll

    Your Opinions
    "There is no conflict between Paul and Jesus. Jesus showed us the life He wants us to live. Paul explained exactly who Jesus Christ was and what He did."

    "If you follow Paul, if you accept any of his exclusive doctrines, you are ignorantly disloyal to Jesus. Christianity, as we know it, is nothing but Paulism."

    Plus: Opinions by Elaine Pagels, Jerry Jenkins, Ben Witherington III, John Shelby Spong, A.N. Wilson, Richard B. Hays and more

  • Events in Paul's life
  • Who said which Bible verses: Jesus or Paul?

    FAQ: Who Was Paul?


    Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Paul, and see photos of where Paul preached.

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