Collected resources for the lost page

Collected resources for the lost page

Do you love the TV show "Lost"? Are you hooked on the adventures of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and The Others? This is the place for "Lost" quizzes, articles about "Lost," "Lost" discussions, and more.

  • Photo Gallery: 12 Spiritual Moments on "Lost"
    Locke seeing the smoke monster for the first time, Desmond and Penelope speaking on the phone, and more miraculous moments.
  • The "Lost" Tribe
    There is plenty of religious imagery on "Lost," which makes the absence of Jewish characters even more noticeable.
  • Are You Willing to Get "Lost"?
    From opening eyes to Dharma logos to the number 108, are the writers of the popular show trying to evoke the Buddhist world?
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Season Four

Season Three

  • You're a Good Man, Charlie
    The island rock star sacrifices himself to save the other castaways, and there isn't a dry eye in the house.

  • Unveiling Jacob (or Not) on "Lost"
    Poltergeist? Invisible Man? An elaborate hoax? Or a man mysteriously held captive by Ben?

  • Desmond is an Ex-Monk?
    Finally, we know why he calls everyone "brotha"- the show's hot Scot was once a monk.

  • Losing Locke
    Locke's always been the show's most complex character, but has his obsession to stay on the island altered his character forever?

  • Sayid, the Real Leader of 'Lost'
    Despite experiencing first-hand the horrors of war, Sayid is shows compassion and mercy to his island enemies, marking him as a true leader.

  • Hurley, a Modern-Day Job
    Hurley is plagued by an endless string of tragedies--just like the biblical character, Job.
  • "Lost" & Death: An Interesting Theory
    Did Mr. Eko, Ana-Lucia, Shannon, and other plane survivors die because their "central life conflict" had been resolved?

Season Two

  • From Messiah Complex to Confronting the Island's "Monster"
    Is Jack a modern-day Atlas who unwillingly tries to save everyone even as he dismisses faith and fate? Also, how does Psalm 23 help Mr. Eko confront the island's monster?
  • Man of Science Becomes Miracle Worker
    Even though Jack relies on science and rational thinking, a miraculous recovery from a risky operation on a patient has him thinking about the role of faith and hope.
  • "Lost" in Faith
    The show's producers reveal how the "collision" of their personal views--and the Narnia books--inspire the spirituality in the series.
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