A Conversation with Paulo Coelho

A Conversation with Paulo Coelho

Conversation with Paulo Coelho
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Miss the web event on October 11? Explore some of the related features below, and stay tuned for more from Paulo's live conversaton with Beliefnet.
the author
'To Die Alive Is to Take Risks':
Interview with Paulo Coelho

The best-selling Brazilian author talks about religion, "The Alchemist," and why death, to him, is like a beautiful woman. Interview by Laura Sheahan
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his books
Questioning Life's Journey
A chance meeting with a merchant's daughter has a young shepherd second-guessing his sense of direction.
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Love Lost?
A police investigation exposes a troubled marriage and the surprising indifference a writer harbors for his missing wife.
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When Evil Comes to Town
A hotel in the small, sleepy village of Viscos plays host to the most unlikely of visitors, the devil himself.
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Beliefnet Book Club
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Effects of 'The Alchemist'
Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" has had a profound influence on many of its readers. How has it affected you?
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Wise Words
Are there any passages from Paulo Coelho's books that you've found meaningful or helpful?
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