Academy Awards

Academy Awards

The Academy Awards


Between the Church & the Honky-tonk
Mega-church pastor and gospel singer T.D. Jakes explores how 'Ray' reflects the spirituality of African-American communities.

How Play Can Heal
Beloved children's writer Katherine Paterson talks about fantasy and play in 'Finding Neverland.'

Transformation in the Ring
Sufi sheikh Kabir Helminski explores the spiritual transformations and moral dilemmas of 'Million Dollar Baby.'

Chasing Hope
'Spiritual Divorce' author Debbie Ford explores the spirituality behind the relationships in 'Sideways.'

The 'Crazy Visionary' in the Boardroom
'The Aviator's' Howard Hughes may not be a model, but business can be a noble and moral occupation, says Fortune writer Marc Gunther.


Getting Off the Karmic Cycle
Deepak Chopra talks about fate, the Holocaust and the morality of love in discussing 'Mystic River'

God Floats His Boat
Phyllis Tickle on Captain Jack Aubrey as God and man in Best Picture nominee 'Master and Commander'

Connecting in a Spiritual Void
Filmmaker Sandi Simcha Dubowski on the characters' displacement and search for connection in 'Lost in Translation'

A Four-Legged Christ Figure
Elizabeth Mitchell on the best picture-nominee 'Seabiscuit'

Apocalypse Now
Brian D. McLaren talks about beginnings, endings and the Bible in best-picture nominee 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King'


Killer Karma
Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg talks about 'Chicago'

The Search for the Soulful
Thomas Moore, author of 'Care of the Soul,' talks about life and death in 'The Hours'

In a World Without Heroes
Princeton University ethicist Peter Singer discusses 'The Pianist'

A Story of America
A young Muslim recognizes her immigrant community's struggle in 'Gangs of New York'

Apocalypse Now
A documentary filmmaker looks at theology and geopolitics in 'The Two Towers'


A Beautiful World
In 'A Beautiful Mind,' Rabbi Laura Geller finds that it is in love, for all dimensions of creation, that one finds the divine

Vengeance is Mine, Says the Lord
Left Behind co-author Jerry B. Jenkins wants a lighter 'Bedroom'

A Karmic Comeuppance
'Gosford Park' brims with well-defined characters, all of whom have a part to play in the murder, says Lama Surya Das

When the Can-Can Was Divine
A Muslim scholar deconstructs Best Picture nominee 'Moulin Rouge'

The Cosmic Drama of 'Lord of the Rings'
Fleming Rutledge, an Episcopal priest and nationally known preacher, on 'The Fellowship of the Ring'


Pious Pagans
In 'Gladiator,' the Rev. Jerry Falwell finds many comparisons to modern-day politics

The World Is Real
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner says not much was lost in the translation of 'Crouching Tiger'

Erin Brokovich Incarnated
The Very Reverend Alan Jones chats with us about the less revered Erin Brockovich

Human 'Traffic'
Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman gives Steven Soderbergh's film on the drug war his Oscar nod

Sweet Life
Wiccan Priestess Margo Adler on the religious stereotypes & sensual pleasures of 'Chocolat'