How to Create a Donation Badge

How to Create a Donation Badge

How to Create a Donation Badge

Help a cause that's important to you – use a Donation Badge like this to raise awareness and money for a charity, cause or house of worship. Friends can donate easily, and you can keep track of how much you've raised. Here's how:

1. Sign Up for a Badge
Go to Network for Good to create a Donation Badge
for your profile page and to share around the web. (Note: Our partner Network for Good refers to the Donation Badges as Charity Badges.)

2. Choose Your Cause or Charity
Choose a valid nonprofit organization, charity, or house of worship from the search tool provided by Network for Good. You can search by title, keyword and/or location.

3. Design Your Badge
Customize your Donation Badge by filling in the fields provided to describe the cause and upload a photo that best represents your cause. You can also offer a helpful link to a video about the cause that will launch off of your badge.

4. Preview the Donation Badge
Preview and/or edit your Donation Badge, adding
tags if you like.

5. Review the Terms & Conditions
Be sure to read and check the "Terms & Conditions" for using badges.

6. Place Your Badge in Your Beliefnet Profile
Grab the code from the top field on the page titled "Start Using Your Charity Badge," and then return to your Profile page. On your My Home page or Profile page, click the edit button, and then select the Donation Badge tab. Paste the code into the blank field, and save. Your new badge will automatically appear on your page.

You can also email a link provided for the badge to your friends and family and/or embed the badge in your journal or on other sites.

Then you'll be ready to start fundraising!

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