Group Tips - Community

Group Tips - Community

Tips for Group Leaders

Use the Journal Tool for Group Discussions
Post a reading or a provocative quote directly into your group journal. Then your group’s members can react in the "comment" section to that specific post. You can also use the "forums" for more general conversations.

Rally Around a Cause
Your group’s donation tool can be used to raise money both for causes or houses of worship. Plus, you can get everyone in your group to put a donation badge on their personal pages and see who raises the most money.

Everyone Needs a Personal Page
To be a member of a group, you have to create a personal page first.

Decide Whether You Want to Be Public or Private
You can use the group tools just to get closer to your current friends, or you can use it to make new friends. When creating the group, you can make the group totally public (everyone can read, anyone can post), open (everyone can read but only friends can post) or completely private (only open to friends and won’t even show up in our search engines).

Reduce Schedule Headaches
If you have an in-person group that meets once a week or every once in a while, use the calendar and invitation tool to simplify logistics of what time you're meting, who’s bringing dessert, where the next meeting is being held, and more.

Make Lists
When listing your group’s topics and interests, do it in list form instead of sentence form. Here's an example:

Like this: Christian music, inspirational quotes, swimming, prayer, cats

Not like this: I really love Christian music, inspirational quotes, and going swimming.

Why does this matter? Beliefnet turns your interests, faiths, and favorites into "tags," or links that search similar words in other members' profiles. When you click on "Christian music," for example, you'll be able to see other members who have listed "Christian music" as an interest, plus groups, photos, and more related to Christian music. Another tip: use a general description of your interest when possible. You're more likely to find people interested in "travel" than "international travel" or "traveling to interesting places," for example.

Share Your Story
If you want to share your group’s activities or ideas with the public, leave your journal wide open, and be sure to fill out your interest “tags” on your main page Folks from around the world will learn about your mission. The more you update the page, the more likely people will return for more. Click here for more journal tips.

Get Creative!
One thing we’re sure of: you’ll come up with creative ways of using these tools that we’ve not thought of! To get started, here are a few thoughts on particular types of groups that might use Beliefnet’s community: Many types of groups can use the tool, including support groups, book groups, a fan club, houses of worship, and prayer groups.

Ready to Complete Your Group Profile?
Log in to your page on the Beliefnet Community and click the "My Groups" link at the top of your page now.