Beliefnet Community Profile Tips

Beliefnet Community Profile Tips

Beliefnet Community Profile Tips

Your profile is a great way to create your own personal space on Beliefnet. You can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you'd like.

The information you provide will be displayed in two ways. First, you will have a private My Home page which will contain your mail box, lists of friends, favorite content, and other information.

Second, most of the information will also be displayed in your Public Profile. That's what the rest of the community sees (unless you make it private). Your profile is the best way to introduce yourself to the Beliefnet community and to meet others who share your interests.

Creating your Beliefnet profile is easy, but if you're not sure where to begin, try these tips.

Have Fun
Your Beliefnet profile includes lots of fun and intriguing questions to get you started. What's your spiritual mood--are you hopeful, guilty, grateful, or ecstatic? Come back daily to update the community on your current spiritual mood, and click on your mood in your profile to find others who share the same disposition. You can also share where you are in your spiritual journey, your interests--from movies to dreams to the afterlife, and more--and your favorite TV shows, music stars, and authors.

Decide Your Privacy Level
You may have joined Beliefnet to meet and connect with people, or you may have joined so that you can use our community tools to help with your personal spiritual practice. Decide whether you would like your profile to be private (only seen by you), public (seen by everybody on Beliefnet), or by your Beliefnet frineds only.

Pick a Picture
You can choose a picture to represent you on Beliefnet. Have fun and go through your old digital photos, or take a new one. Pick a picture that you think represents your personality best--one of you with your pet or child, for example, or on the baseball field playing your favorite sport, or in a quiet moment at home.

Make Lists
When listing your interests or expanding on your faith description, do it in list form instead of sentence form. Here's an example:

Like this: Christian music, inspirational quotes, swimming, prayer, cats

Not like this: I really love Christian music, inspirational quotes, and going swimming.

Why does this matter? Beliefnet turns your interests, faiths, and favorites into "tags," or links that search similar words in other members' profiles. When you click on "Christian music," for example, you'll be able to see other members who have listed "Christian music" as an interest, plus groups, photos, and more related to Christian music. Another tip: use a general description of your interest when possible. You're more likely to find people interested in "travel" than "international travel" or "traveling to interesting places," for example.

Make Some Friends
Clicking on word links in your profile is a great way to start finding people with common interest or belief systems. When you click on a member's screen name, you can see their profile, read their Beliefnet journal, and find out what else you have in common. Then you can ask to be that person's friend. Once you're friends with someone, you can stay on top of when they write in their journal, update their profile, and more. You can also invite people who aren't yet members of Beliefnet to join you in the community.

Remember Your Audience
If you set your profile to either 'friends-only' or 'public,' other people on Beliefnet will be able to view the contents of your profile. Keep that in mind, and only share what you feel comfortable sharing. Does it matter if people know whether you're single or married? Are you comfortable with telling people where you live? If you have any doubts about posting personal information, err on the side of caution.

Share Your Story
Beliefnet members have the option to keep their very own journal. Like your profile, you can decide if this is a personal journal for your eyes only or a journal you'd like to share with other people. You can choose to journal about whatever's on your mind that day, or you can sign up for a Beliefnet guided journal that will give you regular prompts about a certain topic.

Read to Complete Your Profile?
Log in to your page on the Beliefnet Community and click the "Edit My Profile" link at the top of you page now.