Discussions - Beliefnet Host Contest Results

Discussions - Beliefnet Host Contest Results


The Winners

Dear Hosts,

You are an impressive group of people! Focusing our attention on stimulating conversation, in our Seeds of Summer host contest this August, has showed us just how good some of you are. There were so many wonderful submissions, it was nearly impossible to pick just 5 winners. In fact, we ended up creating a few new prizes!

I encourage everyone to visit these discussions to see what you can learn from them, that you can use on your own board. 62 threads were entered in the contest. The staff read each one, paying special attention to how many people participated, the quality of interaction, and the number of posts. I have included the links for the winning discussions below.

Please accept a big THANK YOU from me and the rest of the staff -- to ALL the hosts -- because ALL of you do a fabulous job helping make our community a special place. Beliefnet is what you have made it: the best spiritual community on the Internet.

Without further ado, here are the winners! Please congratulate them with me!

Best Interfaith Dialogue
"overcoming differences and learning to understand one another"

Winner: haq_truth (Learn about Islam): Taqlid
This dialogue between a Muslim and a Jew exemplifies the deeper understanding between faiths that we hope Beliefnet makes possible.

Best Faith Support Discussion
"helping people meet their spiritual needs"

Winner: Beautiful_Dreamer (Christian-to-Christian Debate): Toxic?
Are there any things that you need to stay away from because they are toxic to your faith?

Runner-up: Sunfell (Witchcraft): Silly Witchcraft Misconceptions
How many myths are we constantly busting, debunking, or rolling our eyes until we need Visine? What kind of wacky questions have you fielded of late?

Runner-up: Tyrsson (Asatru & Northern Heathenry): Grímnismál
What are the lessons we take away from this tale? How do we make this tale part of our daily lives?

Runner-up: Dayo (Eckankar): How to fulfill your spiritual destiny
I need to EVEN know i have a spiritual destiny before i then think of HOW to fulfill it! :)

Best Fun/Social Discussion
"building community through positive interaction"

Winner: MissElphaba (Paganism): Member Appreciation
Every day will be a new day to appreciate some of our members. Let's spread some (totally sappy, syrupy, sugary, cornball) good will!

Runner-up: Appy20 (Pets): Pet Brag
What makes your pet incredibly special to you?

Runner-up: Miraj (Muslim Minds Meet): Where Are You?
We have posters all over the world, so: What country are you posting from?

Best Debate
"exploring differences through civil debate"

Winner: REteach (Christian-to-Christian Debate): Are Nonchristians Christian too?
Many individuals who are not Christian follow the commandments Jesus said are most important-- to love God above all things and one's neighbor as one's self. Are they Christian in the most important aspects?

Runner-up: MissElphaba (Paganism Debate): The logic of polytheism
Is polytheism more logical than monotheism? More logical than pantheism?

Most Interesting Topic

Winner: Crowfuzz (Shamanism): What's in it for them?
why do you think our [spirit] friends work with us as they do? what's in it for them?

Runner-up: Tyrsson (Asatru & Northern Heathenism): Political Parties
Which political party, or which political candidates, best embody heathen ideals? What do you think the platform for a heathen party should look like?

Runner-up: Anniekat (U.S. Politics): Stay or Go
If you are draftable age and the draft is reinstated, will you run or will you serve?

Biggest Increase in Activity
Super growth in August! Visit them to see how they're doing it!

Winners: Miraj, TKO & OneEarth: Women in Islam

Runner-up: pcb1025: Aging Gracefully

Runner-up: TheMaven & REteach: Sexual Orientation Debate

Honorary Recognition

Energizer Award for activating quiet boards:

Icarus580: Hindu Sacred Texts, New Age
Dayo: Eckankar
Shaner: Catholic Talk, Ave Maria Cafe
Anniethompson: Catholic Retreat House, Catholic Bible Study
Unschoolnma: Home Schooling
OneEarth: Buddhism & Spirituality

Speak Up! Award for encouraging quiet members to post. Try these techniques!

Mckinleycub: So, what does your handle mean?
Shaner: Favorite Movies with a Religious, Spiritual, Moral Theme?
MissElphaba: What are you reading?
Miraj: Where Are You?
OneEarth: Koans & Such, Don't mistake the finger for the moon...

The staff would like to make special mention of these efforts which made us smile...

Most enthusiastic host: Dayo: Eckankar
His energy is infectious. Drop by the Eckankar board for some Espresso Love!

Most expert use of ASCII extended characters: Tysson and all the Asatruar (like FródiHárson) ~ We felt compelled to acknowledge their typing skills!

Most productive involvement of board members: Unschoolnma: Home Schooling
Getting participants to create their own home schooling projects!

Most thoughtful and inspiring posts: AmaraS (Christianity Debate)
Read and enjoy! Walking the Talk ~ Peace ~ Difficult People

Most colorful topic opener: Secondman4: Pentecostal Debate
"I wonder if any of you would share your thoughts on greasy grace, or the idea you can do anything after conversion and live any ole undgodly way and still slip into Heaven's pearly gates like the greased pigs at my son's rodeo."

Congratulations to all the winners!

Martha Ainsworth
Beliefnet Community Producer