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Recent favorites:
  • 'Intelligent Design Is Testable'
    Michael J. Behe, a leading proponent of intelligent-design theory, says the ruling in the Dover case doesn't affect 'reality.'
  • Case Closed
    Pseudo-science and outright lies made the findings for the plaintiffs crystal clear.
  • Salvos in the War on Christmas
    'Tis the season to be debating whether Christmas is 'under siege' in our pluralist society.
  • A Source of Scandal
    The Vatican's document on gays in the priesthood represents a purge. A gay priest asks: Where is the message of Jesus in it?
  • The Problem with God: Interview with Richard Dawkins
    The renowned biologist talks about intelligent design, dishonest Christians, and why God is no better than an imaginary friend.
  • Jesus Alone
    Salvation cannot be bought except through the blood of Jesus. It doesn't get any clearer than that.
  • No Faith in This Force
    Memo to would-be Jedis: in the new movie, the knights are elitist, dictatorial, and unconvinced that good is an absolute.
  • How Kinsey Ruined Sex for the Rest of Us
    Did the famous researcher and subject of a Hollywood biopic launch a soulless sexual revolution?
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  • The Unkindest Cut
    PETA's dirty war against kosher ritual slaughter distorts Judaism's reverence for animals.
  • Kabbalah for Everyone
    Kabbalah is a universal wisdom not specific to Jews, says Michael Berg. His new book explores how to use it to connect to God.
  • Maccabees vs. Reform Jews
    Would the Hanukkah heroes have tolerated me--a Jew who eats pork and is married to a Christian?
  • Why Dr. Laura Dumped Judaism
    This has to be one of the shallowest renunciations of faith I've ever heard.
Islam: Mormonism:
  • 'We Have Sinned Against You'
    A leading evangelical speaks at the Mormon Tabernacle and says evangelicals have spread lies about LDS beliefs.
  • A Topic Deeply Buried
    'Latter Days' director C. Jay Cox speaks to Beliefnet about his film and Mormonism's stance on homosexuality.
  • Staying Power
    I grieve that ex-Mormons have been treated like 'traitors to their faith.' I also grieve that many find leaving the only option
  • Mormon Black History Month
    How white and African-American Mormons are dealing with the Church's racially troubled past.
  • Are Mormons Christians?
    Chuck Colson says no; Orson Scott Card defends his faith
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